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teach children the truth

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#1 George


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Posted 06 September 2007 - 11:53 PM

totalitarian governments understand the importance of raping the minds of children in government-run "educational" facilities.

in a country such as USA this very same raping of the defenceless minds is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than it ever was under Stalin or Hitler because at least in THEORY these children MIGHT have some representation by their government one day.

on the other hand politically dissenting intellectuals FAIL TO TAP INTO these same minds where the war may be won or lost.

NOAM CHOMSKY understands this and that is why he tours COLLEGES because those are the youngest people that he CAN ACCESS and that is where he can make the most difference.

however, ideally the war of ideology should be fought over the minds of much younger people than college students ( where the government is fighting it, as by the time individual makes it to (possibly private) college the government already released him (from public school system) and most of their indoctrination already took place by that time ).

remember, the government knows that you're never too young to be showered with propaganda, in fact, the younger the better ... if you can say "america" you're old enough to be indoctrinated.

now the POINT THAT IM GETTING AT is that dissenting intellectuals should FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE.

you all know young people whose parents are idiots and every once in a while you should take a couple minutes to talk to them about things like why 1 in 5 americans cant find america on the map ...

by the way if you didnt know the answer to the above question its because the government of USA is actively fighting democracy and the less people know about the world (being able to find country on a map) the more they stay out of the way of dictatorship ...
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Posted 19 November 2007 - 09:09 AM

To be honest, I always think when adluts teach chilaren the turth,maybe it will cause much filght because the thoughts between children and adults are different, something adults can accept but children can't,such as war

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