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Shock Therapy (tm) -- Part 1

Posted by Par Deus in Par Deus Vult!, 30 June 2017 · 28 views

Shock Therapy™
Microbiotic Rebirth™
There are trillions of bacteria, living and breeding inside your body, right now. You need some of them to survive, but many of them hate you. For most people, due to genetics and/or diet, the evil ones have gotten the upper hand, attacking you with not only fat gain, but whole body inflammation a...

Leptin article -- also a fucking test -- article from like 2004

Posted by Par Deus in Leptin and shit, 27 March 2015 · 359 views
Fat fuck

LeptiGen ushers in new paradigm in science and supplementation

Par Deus
Avant Research

O happy day!
LeptiGen - Prototype 2  has finally pulled into the gate, after much anticipation and much delay.
You, our dearest customers, will obviously be the final arbiter as to whether it was worth t...

Test # 1

Posted by Par Deus in Big Motherfucker, 27 March 2015 · 419 views
Enter the Dragon -- and and 1 more...

Analects IX
Puttting "super" in front of the name of your training method doesn't lead to supercession of your peon status at my gym. Furthermore, following a superslow protocol doesn't give you the inalienable right to occupy a station for 20 minutes.
--- Ras
Don't ask me how I can stay so thin while you are eating a donut.

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