Sesamin is a naturally occurring lignan present in sesame oil. It possesses great potential for decreasing fat mass and in fighting obesity and metabolic syndrome, via its effects on fatty acid oxidation and adipogenic gene expression. And, with research showing very strong correlations between inflammation, oxidative stress, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, sesamin’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties could be just as significant, if not more so. It also has the potential to stack very well with other supplementsthat modulate these systems, such as LeptiGen, stimulants, androgens, and Ab-Solved.

To summarize:
  • Increases fat burning
  • Decreases fat storage
  • Combats elevated cholesterol
  • Potent anti-oxidant
  • Potent anti-inflammatory
  • Hepato-protective
  • Stimulant free

  • SesaThin is offered in a a 4oz liquid, which contains 45g of sesamin per bottle, and lasts 30 days at full dosing. It is also offered in gel capsule form, which consists of 120 tablets and 45 grams in an entire bottle.

    Containing Yohimbine Hydrochloride in Avant Labs' hydroalcoholic gel, Lipoderm ULTRA activates targeted fat reduction at the site(s) of application, while avoiding the negative side effects associated with systematic distribution. Expanding upon its predecessor's revolutionary formula, LipoDerm-ULTRA utilizes a number of ancillary fat-fighting ingredients that decrease nutrient uptake and insulin sensitivity in the fat cell, while concurrently increasing leptin expression, leptin sensitivity, and other lipolytic signals such as cAMP and norepinephrine, for maximal fat depletion. In addition, this new formula modestly facilitates increased utilization of fatty acids in muscle while sparing glycogen. Lastly, Lipoderm-ULTRA incorporates a local diuretic that neutralizes water retention, making it easier to evaluate progress during use.

    To summarize:
  • Spot reduction of fat
  • Removes excess water
  • Non-stimulating
  • Dries fast and clean

  • Each 4oz bottle contains 30-60 applications.

    LipoDerm-Y, the product that made spot reduction of fat a reality, just got even better. Already containing the alpha2 receptor antagonist Yohimbine Hydrochloride in Avant Labs’ Patent Pending hydroalcoholic gel, we have added caffeine to help Lipoderm-Y release even larger amounts of fat from the site(s) of application—far higher than is possible with oral administration—while avoiding the negative side effects associated with systematic distribution.

    Coupled with a caloric deficit, Lipoderm-Y ‘s targeted delivery accelerates localized fat loss in those typically stubborn areas, such as a hips, thighs, and butt.

    Finally, caffeine also helps remove excess water in the area, so results are even more apparant.

    Each 4oz bottle contains 30-60 applications, with 3 grams of Yohimbine HCl and 4.5g of caffeine per bottle.

    Phenogen ™ is a fat loss product like no other. Not only is it the first dietary supplement designed to target the fat storage enzyme diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT), but by supporting optimal nutrient partitioning, PhenoGen™ actually makes the body fight to become lean rather than fighting your fat loss efforts as it normally does. It is aimed squarely at those of you who are significantly overweight, or those who are already fairly lean but want to maintain your lean physique without having to structure your entire life around it.

    PhenoGen™ is a proprietary combination of the following ingredients:

    1. Salvia Miltiorrhiza (Red sage root) extract, providing broad spectrum tanshinones. These tanshinones inhibit DGAT, preventing the formation of triglycerides, for decreased fat storage and improved leptin sensitivity.

    2. Guanidinopropionic acid (GPA). GPA is a creatine analogue, which results in a percveption of fuel shortage in the cell, which activates AMPK in a manner quite similar to aerobic exercise. And, just as with aerobic exercise, it results in increased mitochondrial and beta receptor density, for increased fatty acid usage, decreased fat storage, and superior peripheral letpin signalling.

    3. Green Tea Info coming soon.

    In our modern world of food excess and the pathologies of the obesity epidemic that have come with this excess, Phenogen™ is a breakthrough tool in the quest for leaness and health, for those who need it the most.

    To summarize:
  • Inhibits fat storage
  • Increases carbohydrate oxidation
  • Mimics aerobic exercise
  • Increase leptin and insulin sensitivity
  • Stimulant free

  • H.E.A.T. stands for Hordenine, Evodiamine, Alpha-yohimbine, and Tyramine. And, in the right combination, they are far, far more than a clever acronym. While its ancestors, with their focus on only norepinephrine, did wonders for appetite suppression, they were modest thermogenics, at best. And, worse than that, they were all out enemies of the central adipostatic machinery, the Fed State, and they caused hypersensitivity to cortisol and the stress response.

    With H.E.A.T. Stack, we have added a superior increase in dopamine and epinephrine to a more moderate activation of norepinephrine. The result is activation of more lipolytic and thermogenic pathways, better maintenance of long-term adipostatic machinery, potent appetite suppression, and strong mood and energy support, with fewer negative side-effects.

    To summarize:
  • Superior Fat Burning
  • Superior hunger control
  • Minimal anxiety and jitters
  • Enhances mood and energy
  • Caffeine free

  • HEAT Stack is 270 capsules, and lasts 30 days at full dosing.

    Genetics be damned!

    For those who have seen or read about the miracles of LeptiGen for the lean dieter, only to discover that you were above the 20% body fat cut-off, today is a day for celebration. No longer shall you be a slave of your birth nor the fast food you gulped down before you knew better and it was too late. No longer will your biochemistry tell your fat cells “STORE! STORE! STORE”, while it tells your brain “EAT! EAT! EAT!” No longer do you face a virtually hopeless struggle to be lean. We have forged a new weapon in the battle of the bulge – LeptiGen Rebirth.

    Rebirth is designed to alter your internal biochemistry to make your brain and body behave more like that of those who are naturally thin when it comes to metabolism and food intake. What this means is you will no longer crave food, signals to stop eating will become magnified, you will feel more satiated, fat storage signals will be disrupted, and energy expenditure will be increased.

    With LeptiGen Rebirth, we have changed the concept of body fat “Set-Point”, forever.

    To summarize:
  • Increases leptin and insulin sensitivity
  • Reduces hunger and appetite
  • Increases metabolism
  • Non-stimulating
  • Ideal for the overweight

  • Each bottle contains 75 servings and last 1 month with moderate dosing.